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On this website you can find information about our company and what kind of services we provide.

Our company, TTS, is a result of the 2010 merger of the two companies Sp/f Skarðhamar and Sp/f Tummas Thomsen. The two Ts in the name represent Tummas Thomsen and the S represents Skarðhamar. The old electricity company Sp/f Tummas Thomsen and the younger machine shop Sp/f Skarðhamar merged in order to put their overlapping competence to the best use.
About 50 people work in the company and these are engineers, electricians, auto-el mechanics, trainees. We have 23 cars and can reach 85% of our customers within an hour and the other 15% within reasonable time.
TTS is located in two buildings just outside of the town of Klaksvík.
Our well qualified staff is ready with excellent service and advise 24 hours a day.
Machine Shop 
Competence: We have years of experience with solving problems in the areas of forge work for ships, the manufacturing industry, aqua farmers and private customers.
We have a good staff and are well equipped with tools and machines. TTS cooperates with several good suppliers and this makes us fit to solve most jobs, whether they are big or small.

TTS has made large investments in new equipment and in our human capital, making sure that the services we provide always are of the highest standard.
Sheet Metal Workshop 
The sheet metal workshop is well equipped with all necessary tools. We recently invested in equipment which allows us to cut metal plates which are up too 13mm thick and 3000mm long. Furthermore, we've got all the necessary tools to manufacture what ever the customer wants from stainless steel, aluminium and regular steel.
Mechanical Workshop

In the mechanical workshop we are primarily carry out:
- fittings, overhauls and maintenance of diesel engines
- overhauls of pumps and transmissions
- repair all mechanical things
TTS provides hydraulic equipment to the shipping industry, the sea farming industry and the building industry. We've got most hydraulic hoses and fittings in stock.
TTS can as the only company in the Faroes hot galvanise steal.

The best way of protecting steel from becoming rusty is to hot galvanise it. This is done by dipping the steel in acid bath and then in soldering flux. Afterwards the steel is dipped in a pot of zinc which is about 450 degrees Celsius where a reaction between the metals takes place. The zinc and steel alloy and this creates a strong connection between the metals. The steel can thereafter be transported and handled without any damage to the zinc protection layer.

Steel that has been hot galvanised is maintenance-free.
Electricity Department 
The electricity department carries out work such as installations, projections, emergency power systems and maintenance work. We also repair dynamos and starters and are able to test this equipment in our test bench. Auto-el also makes up a part of our work.

With years of experience and excellent competence we are ready to give good advise to our customers.
Stock / Sales
We have got a well equipped stock, especially when it comes to electrical, mechanical and hydraulic outfit. However, should a customer want something we don't have in stock we have good contacts to suppliers and you can be sure that we will obtain the item.